Convocation Programme


Arrival of the Chief Guest at Convocation Hall

10:40 hrs

Robing of the Chief Guest, Chairperson, BoG and Chairman, Senate (in parallel)

10:45 hrs

Academic procession starts

10:50 hrs


10:50 hrs

Chairperson, BoG declares the Convocation open

10:55 hrs

Director’s Report

10:56 hrs

Chairperson, BoG delivers his speech

11:11 hrs

Chairperson, BoG introduces the Chief Guest

11:21 hrs

Presentation of memento to the Chief Guest and Chairperson, BoG

11:26 hrs

Convocation Address by the Chief Guest

11:30 hrs

Presentation of the Special awards by the Chief Guest

11:50 hrs

Presentation of Best and Second-Best MS Theses certificates by the Chairperson, BoG

11:57 hrs

Award of degrees by the Chairman, Senate

12:03 hrs

Exhortation by the Chairman, Senate

13:00 hrs

Chairperson, BoG declares the Convocation closed

13:03 hrs

National Anthem

13:04 hrs

Academic procession leaves

13:05 hrs

Photography Session for graduating students

13:10 hrs